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Mindfulness & Humanity in medical ­practice by Dr. Epstein

A two days intensive for doctors with dr. Ronald Epstein

Ronald Epstein Nederland Mindful practiceIn 2018 Dr. Ronald Epstein was invited to the Netherlands by BFC Mindfulness and Compassion i.c.w. CvM. Epstein is author of Attending: Medicine, Mindfulness, and Humanity, and founder of the Mindful Practice for Doctors-program

Content intensive Mindfulness & Humanity in medical practice

Human, mindful and compassionate practice refers to qualities exhibited by exemplary clinicians that transcend clinical specialty and clinical experience. These qualities include the ability to be present, attentive, and curious, and to adopt a “beginner’s mind” with the goal of achieving greater awareness and insight into one’s own work.

A powerful but under-recognized approach to these challenges is to enhance the capacity for mindfulness of medical specialist, physicians and other health professionals. Mindfulness in medicine refers to the ability to be aware, in the present moment, on purpose, with the intention of providing better care to patients and to take better care of ourselves. Mindfulness is at the core of clinical competence, and the proposed program will give faculty the skills and tools to teach students and residents to become more mindful during daily clinical practice.

In this workshop we will explore what we notice and attend to in our work, how we recognize and address suffering, how we navigate difficult moments that involve conflict, errors and loss, and how we can become more resilient and flourish amid adversity.

Mindfulness & Humanity in medical practice offer a means to:

  • enhance the self-awareness, wellness, and resilience of health professionals
  • improve their relationships with patients and colleagues, and
  • advance the quality of medical care they provide.

Mindfulness in medical practice